RRVV helped me in administering the estate of my late Mother
John D, Blackburn

RRVV explained the costs of entering, and leaving, a retirement village.
Mary Q, Melbourne

RRVV guided me to a solicitor to object to conditions that were not fair.
Sally G, Dandenong

RRVV were instrumental in getting the urgent repairs attended to
Peter S, Croydon

Conditions in my village have greatly improved as a result of RRVV intervention.
Henry K, Mornington

I recently received a copy of the RRVV submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria concerning the impact of aspects of regulatory amendments of records & notices and contractual arrangements. I do believe the submission is typical of the interests, correctness and concern of RRVV on behalf of the membership. RRVV is the only volunteer organisation representing residents’ views and problems to governments, the community and particularly to village owners. The guidelines page of the RRVV website has much valuable information for residents. The larger the membership the greater your authority in addressing issues that affect you. RRVV is needed and similarly residents are needed to join “residents helping residents”.
Wal M, Gowanbrae

The RRVV President was instrumental in getting the Owners Property Council fees removed from our village budget. We certainly appreciate the help received.
Russell S, Kilmore

RRVV explained the costs of entering, and leaving, a retirement village.
Mary Q, Melbourne

Thank you, RRVV, for your support at the meeting with the Manager last week. For nigh on 2 years I have been attempting to find out the information that was supplied to us – and am now treated with respect that has not been evident since my crusade. I enclose my cheque for $100 as a life, and grateful, member. Until last week I had no idea of the assistance that the RRVV offers residents in all villages.