The RRVV Newsletter is published quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year. Printed and email versions of the Newsletter are sent directly to more than 7,000 members.

All visitors to this website are welcome to browse the following archived copies:

September 2020 (Issue no. 59)

June 2020 (Issue no. 58)

March 2020 (Issue no. 57)

December 2019 (Issue no. 56)

September 2019 (Issue no. 55)

June 2019 (Issue no. 54)

March 2019 (Issue no. 53)

December 2018 (Issue no. 52)

September 2018 (Issue no.51)

June 2018 (Issue no. 50)

March 2018 (Issue no. 49)

December 2017 (Issue no.48)

September 2017 (Issue no. 47)

June 2017 (Issue no. 46)

March 2017 (Issue no. 45)

December 2016 (Issue no. 44)

September 2016 (Issue no. 43)

June 2016 Newletter (Issue no. 42)

March 2016 (Issue no.41)

December 2015 (Issue no.40)

September 2015 (Issue no.39)

June 2015 (Issue no.38)

March 2015 (Issue no.37)

December 2014 (Issue no.36)

September 2014 (Issue no.35)

June 2014 (Issue no.34)

March 2014 (Issue no.33)

December 2013 (Issue no.32)

September 2013 (Issue no.31)


If you are an RRVV member and would like to receive your newsletters via email, instead of printed copies, please send an email to:

Include your full name, email address and the name of your village. In this way you can help to save the trees and reduce the RRVV’s printing bill.

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