A Vision for the Retirement Village Sector in Victoria

A common goal shall be the well being of all residents so as to ensure that in the future their Village life will be satisfying, and with cooperative rather than confrontational relationships being the norm.

Through full and understandable disclosure of conditions and expectations prior to entry, all Residents will appreciate the roles and responsibilities of Village Owners/Managers.

The Retirement Village sector will be an essential, transparent and viable part of the Australian Community and Economy, one which is able to provide Owners with a fair profit whilst allowing them to plan to expand to meet the future requirements for Independent Living for the retired aged at affordable entry prices and ongoing costs.

In all Villages there will be a transparent process of full disclosure to Residents of conditions relating to entry, exit and operational costs and consultation on the management of these costs.

The RV Sector will be economically viable without there being any need for financial management practices which generate unplanned financial hardships for Residents and/or their families.

All stakeholders in the RV Sector will work to ensure the observance of all legal and regulatory requirements which recognise the Human and Legal Rights of Residents.

There will be an acceptance of decision making processes which use the opinions and reasonable expectations of Residents as an important consultative component of complex decision making processes.