About Us

Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria is an active and representative group for all people living in Retirement Villages in Victoria; a voice for all the Residents, a voice promoting Residents’ rights, and the voice to government at all levels.

It is the Residents’ organisation putting forward Residents’ views, ideas and opinions by:

  • Referral to legal/support services in cases where Residents are in dispute with a Retirement Village operator or other Residents.
  • Contributing to policy debate and to advocates on behalf of the community of Retirement Village Residents.
  • The provision of information concerning the development and/or operation of a Retirement Village Residents’ committee.
  • Education of its members and the broader community of the issues affecting Retirement Village Residents.
  • Facilitating a collective voice on issues, needs and problems regarding Retirement Village Residents.
  • Liaison with relevant government departments at both State and Federal level, local councils and relevant peak organisations.
  • Promoting interaction between Retirement Village Residents throughout Victoria.
  • Providing general information concerning Retirement Village matters.
  • Encourage sustainability in existing and future Retirement Villages.

The more members we have, the greater our collective representation, so we encourage all retirement village residents to join and become members.

For details of our past and current campaigns Click Here.

For a copy of our constitution see Rules of the Association


Current & Recent Activities

Inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector

The Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Retirement Housing is investigating  the operation and regulation of the retirement housing sector, including retirement villages, with the aim of identifying opportunities for improvement and reform, taking into account:

  1. Existing legislation that relates to retirement housing, in particular recommendations for reform of retirement housing legislation.
  2. Comparable reviews and recommendations for reform in other Australian and overseas jurisdictions;
  3. The experiences and views of residents of retirement housing and their families and retirement housing owners and managers;
  4. The option to appoint a Retirement Housing Ombudsman; and
  5. The impact of local government rating on retirement housing.

The Legal and Social Issues Committee received 766 submissions including many from our members, as well as a submission from the RRVV. The  Committee has conducted a series of public hearings in Melbourne and regional centres. A special thanks to all our members who made the effort to attend the hearing on 16 November at Parliament House when our vice-president, Lawrie Robertson, addressed the committee, focussing on five main areas in which reform is needed:

  • The appointment of a retirement housing ombudsman
  • Differential council rates for retirement villages
  • Improving operators’ maintenance practices
  • The selection and training of village managers
  • User-friendly contracts.

The Committee is now preparing its report which is due no later than 1 March 2017.

Click Here for a copy of RRVV’s submission. Transcripts of the hearings are available from the inquiry website.

Survey of Retirement Village Residents

Towards the end of 2015, the National Ageing Research Institute, an independent research institute, conducted a survey of residents of retirement villages on behalf of the RRVV. The survey focussed on residents’ experiences with managers and owners of the villages. Click Here for a synopsis of the survey results. The RRVV would like to thank nearly 2,000 members and retirement village residents for taking part.

Access to Justice

The State Government is conducting a review to improve access to justice for Victorians with an everyday legal problem or dispute. The RRVV took the opportunity to press its case for a Retirement Housing Ombudsman and has submitted a report on the needs and experiences of retirement village residents backed by several case studies. Click Here for a copy of this submission. Details of this review are available from the Department of Justice website at www.myviews.justice.vic.gov.au/accesstojustice

Consumer Property Law Review

Consumer Affairs Victoria is undertaking a review of the the legislation covering consumer property which includes the Owners Corporations Act 2006. The review will:

  • identify opportunities to modernise and improve the legislation, taking into account stakeholders’ experiences and industry developments
  • examine whether the legislation efficiently and effectively regulates the conduct of licensed practitioners involved in the sale of land,
  • real estate transactions and management of owners corporations
  • recommend changes to improve the way the legislation operates.

The RRVV made a submission regarding the impact of this legislation on retirement villlages; to down load a copy, Click Here.

COTA Survey                                                    cota-vic-50-survey

COTA Victoria has been funded by DHHS to develop and disseminate a broad-based market research survey for older Victorians, aimed at gathering key data around the needs and the views of older people, with a focus on  ‘How do you find the information you need?” and “How you get around in your community?”. The survey is due to run for six weeks and offers an iPad or $500 voucher as a prize.

For more details of the survey Click Here.

Rates Justice Campaign

The RRVV made a submission to the Review of the Local Government Act 1989 regarding differential rating provisions for retirement villages and the inconsistent decisions that various local councils have made in this matter. Please Click Here for a copy of RRVV’s submission. For information about the review go to www.yourcouncilyourcommunity.vic.gov.au

Free Publicity for your Village Events

If you would like to publicise events or activities in your village to a wider audience, please send us the details via email to rrvv.vic.newsletters@gmail.com and we will put them on our Events Page.