Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria is an active and representative group for all people living in Retirement Villages in Victoria; a voice for all the Residents, a voice promoting Residents’ rights, and the voice to government at all levels.

It is the Residents’ organisation putting forward Residents’ views, ideas and opinions by:

  • Contributing to policy debate and to advocates on behalf of the community of Retirement Village Residents.
  • Referral to legal/support services in cases where Residents are in dispute with a Retirement Village operator or other Residents.
  • The provision of information concerning the development and/or operation of a Retirement Village Residents’ committee.
  • Education of its members and the broader community of the issues affecting Retirement Village Residents.
  • Facilitating a collective voice on issues, needs and problems regarding Retirement Village Residents.
  • Liaison with relevant government departments at both State and Federal level, local councils and relevant peak organisations.
  • Promoting interaction between Retirement Village Residents throughout Victoria.
  • Providing general information concerning Retirement Village matters.
  • Encourage sustainability in existing and future Retirement Villages.

The more members we have, the greater our collective representation, so we encourage others to join and become a member.

For details of our past and current campaigns Click Here.

For a copy of our constitution see Rules of the Association


Current & Recent Activities

Advocacy Kit

The Consumer Action Law Centre has kindly prepared a Retirement Village Advocacy Kit; for details go to our Guidelines page.

Geelong & District Forum

The RRVV is holding its 4th Regional Annual Forum in Geelong on 28th May 2015 – Click Here for details.

Rates Justice Campaign

Thank you to all members, relatives and friends who signed the petition regarding differential rates for retirement villages. The petition was presented to the Legislative Council on 14 October 2014 by the Hon. E.J.O’Donohue MLC (Eastern Victoria) and “Laid on table”. A total of 8,349 signatures was officially recognised. Mr. O’Donohue subsequently wrote to confirm that he had presented the petition – Click here to read his letter. We are still waiting for a response from the new Minister for Local Government.

In October 2014 the RRVV President received a letter from the Minister for Local Government in response to an RRVV report on Victorian councils’ treatment of differential rating for retirement villages. The President also wrote in September to the Premier about retirement village issues, including the question of differential rates; the response is in the form of letters from three government offices (Click here to read them).

Media Release 17 November 2014

See the RRVV’s Media Release, “Standing Up For the Rights of Elderly Victorians” and Case Studies published on 17 November 2014.

Annual General Meeting

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the RRVV was held on 18 September 2014. The minutes are available here, together with a copy of the President’s speech. The 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held in October 2015 – details to follow.