Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria is an active and representative group for all people living in Retirement Villages in Victoria; a voice for all the Residents, a voice promoting Residents’ rights, and the voice to government at all levels.

It is the Residents’ organisation putting forward Residents’ views, ideas and opinions by:

  • Referral to legal/support services in cases where Residents are in dispute with a Retirement Village operator or other Residents.
  • Contributing to policy debate and to advocates on behalf of the community of Retirement Village Residents.
  • The provision of information concerning the development and/or operation of a Retirement Village Residents’ committee.
  • Education of its members and the broader community of the issues affecting Retirement Village Residents.
  • Facilitating a collective voice on issues, needs and problems regarding Retirement Village Residents.
  • Liaison with relevant government departments at both State and Federal level, local councils and relevant peak organisations.
  • Promoting interaction between Retirement Village Residents throughout Victoria.
  • Providing general information concerning Retirement Village matters.
  • Encourage sustainability in existing and future Retirement Villages.

The more members we have, the greater our collective representation, so we encourage all retirement village residents to join and become members.

For details of our past and current campaigns Click Here.

For a copy of our constitution see Rules of the Association


Current & Recent Activities

Survey of Retirement Village Residents

The National Ageing Research Institute, an independent research institute, has conducted a survey of residents of retirement villages on behalf of the RRVV. The survey focusses on residents’ experiences with managers and owners of the villages. The survey is now closed and the RRVV would like to thank all members and retirement village residents for taking part. The responses have been analysed and the results will be presented on this website as soon as possible.

Effectiveness of the Retirement Village Legislation

Last year the Consumer Action Law Centre, COTA Victoria and the RRVV made a joint submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria about the effectiveness of the Retirement Villages Regulations and Estate Agent Regulations. Please Click Here for a copy of the submission.

Advocacy Kit

The Consumer Action Law Centre has kindly prepared a Retirement Village Advocacy Kit; for details go to our Guidelines page.

Rates Justice Campaign

The RRVV has made a submission to the Review of the Local Government Act 1989 regarding differential rating provisions for retirement villages and the inconsistent decisions that various local councils have made in this matter. Please Click Here for a copy of RRVV’s submission. For information about the review go to

Access to Justice/ Retirement Housing Ombudsman

The State Government is conducting a review to improve access to justice for Victorians with an everyday legal problem or dispute. The RRVV is taking this opportunity to press its case for a Retirement Housing Ombudsman, as described in this policy document which has been prepared with CALC (Consumer Action Law Centre), HAAG (Housing for the Aged Action Group) and COTA. We encourage members and other village residents to make their own submissions to the review. Details of how to do this are on the Department of Justice website at [Link]. The deadline for submissions is 22 February 2016.